Church news for the week beginning 29th March 2020

Kid’s Ministry resources

Head to for a place to catch up on all the great learning from the Bible that we miss out on when we can’t go to church together.

Archbishop’s term extended

Archbishop Glenn Davies will continue until March 2021. Standing Committee met on Monday night and voted unanimously to ask him to withdraw his resignation. He accepted and his happy to continue to serve in this capacity.


If you can switch to direct debit, please do so. If you can only give cash please let Val know and we can arrange a pickup day by 2 wardens from your house.

Home meetings suspended

All Bible studies and prayer groups are now formally suspended in person. Some groups have shifted to meeting online, with success. It is a little extra effort to get set up, but well worth it for the fellowship and encouragement.

Donation of essential items

Some of the families in our local High School community and some church members are really struggling for basic house hold items.
Please help, if you can, by donating some items such as: canned foods, flour, rice, noodles, pasta, cereal, rolled oats, soap, toilet paper, ladies sanitary items.
Contact Val for a convenient time to drop them off to the church.