What to pray for?

Remember 31/12/2019? New Years Eve – a time of celebration, resolutions often broken by 12.01AM on the 1st and optimism or was it “The Day the Music Died” for those who recall that classic line.

None of us imagined what 2020 held. CV19 was already in play with suggestions the first deaths in China occurred in late November as we readied for another Christmas.

We have since been dominated by it with unheard of changes and restrictions, some not seen since Spanish Flu hit in 1919 on return of troops from WW1. Shadows of the Great Depression have been cast while leaders and others have rushed to find precedents.

History is marked by major events; at least three have changed its face:

  1. AD 33 The Resurrection of Jesus.
  2. AD 1517 (and earlier) The Protestant Reformation.
  3. AD 2020 CV19

Whether you accept or reject them, they are still there when you open your eyes.

But what should we pray for in 2020?

The Lord’s Prayer is a good start: “…Your Kingdom Come Your will be done on earth as in heaven…”. God remains in control of all things as Genesis 18:25 reminds us: “…Shall not the Judge of all the earth deal justly?”.

What about His judgement on a rebellious world, i.e. us? The Old Testament reminds us of His actions in the face of disobedience. Numbers 21:6-9 is but one example.

We should pray God might relent of His Judgement and people might turn to Him as some did when Moses lifted the Serpent onto the pole; all they needed to do was look, as we look to Jesus for salvation.

What are we looking and praying for as 2020 runs down? We are people of Faith first not fear.

John 3:16-17 & Psalm 17:6