What we believe

We are a Bible-based, Christ-centred, reformed evangelical Anglican church.

That’s quite a mouthful, but quite simply we believe that we know Jesus by his Holy Spirit as we listen to the teaching of his living word, The Bible.

And the reason we want to know Jesus is because in him alone we find real hope as he forgives us who follow him from our sin and rescues us from his judgement.

It’s all about life and death… and only Jesus can save those of us who believe and trust in him because he died for us and rose from the dead to show his awesome power over Hell and death.

If you want to find out more about how you can personally know the real Jesus, you should visit this website.

Our world has little meaning but lots of pain and confusion, and so by believing in Jesus we can have  forgiveness, certainty, hope and joy… in this life and in the next.

So, when we come together in our main gatherings on Sundays and in our small groups at other times, we love to listen to solid and practical teaching from the Bible, and to respond together by praying to God and serving each other in love.

We also want to make sure every human gets a chance to hear about the real hope in the real Jesus, so whenever we can, we try to share this good news with others, and to support those who share this around the world.

Our church gatherings are pretty casual, which means we don’t have stained glass, wooden pews, sandstone buildings and a pipe organ. Instead, our music is has a bit of a ballad and soft-rock sound, with drums and electric guitar. We love singing lyrics with deep theology, which means some of our songs are actually old hymns with new tunes.

We believe that all humans are equal before God, and that he’s made differences between men and women that show themselves in our roles in the family and the church. That’s why in our church only men preach in our Sunday church gatherings, and why we encourage women to preach to women and children regularly.

There’s lots more to our church than can be summed up in one web page, but to get an idea of what we believe, have a listen to one of our Bible talks online.