All about our Church Services

Every Sunday we meet at our church at 9.30am and 5pm for our main services.

Everyone is welcome to join us at these services as we hear God’s word, pray together, and love and serve each other.

For details of how to get here, visit this page.

To find out what’s happening this coming Sunday, visit the ‘Coming up this week’ page.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect in these three church services:

9.30am and 5pm Sundays

Our Sunday church gatherings run for around 90 minutes and are followed by great espresso coffee and morning tea (after 9.30am church) or a tasty, light dinner (after 5pm church).

At the heart of our time together is the Bible teaching, where we spend around a half an hour hearing God speak to us through his word.

The music is contemporary in its style (with drums, guitar and a full band), with a preference for modern hymns…although we do like to sneak in a golden oldie from time to time.

Our service is ‘liturgical’ in style, which means that we like to read together things like a creed (a statement of belief) or a prayer (like the Lord’s Prayer). We don’t hand out prayer books but have all the words we say in an easy-to-follow format on a modern projector screen.

We enjoy informal prayers said ‘off-the-cuff’ by our people from their seats, and our style is pretty informal. Some people wear boardshorts and thongs… and others wear trousers and a jacket. Wear clothes you’d be happy to wear to the cinema.

Our service starts right on time and most people leave by around midday (in the morning) or 7pm (at night), having had something to eat, a great cup of espresso, and plenty of time to chat and meet people.

Our services are designed with young families in mind, as we provide a creche plus full children’s program for kids up to the end of Year Six at our 9.30am service. At our 5pm service we serve a full dinner afterwards… ideal for busy families on the night before the school week begins.

Our Kids Church program uses specially-designed material designed to teach children in a developmentally-appropriate, culturally-engaged way, so that the next generation are able to understand the Bible in a way that connects with them. The kids stay in with the adults for the first 30 minutes so that they can join with people of all ages for singing, prayer, and some fun all-age activities.

Special services

As well as our regular Sunday services, we also have special church services on Good Friday and Christmas Day, and these are held in the morning at the special time of 9am. The format is similar to the normal morning service, but does not have a children’s program or morning tea.

We also conduct baptisms, weddings and funerals on request, and details of these special services can be found on this page.