6 July, 2014

Jesus brings conflict

Passage: Ephesians 6:10-13
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Jesus did not come into the world for the purpose of bringing conflict. He brings conflict simply because there are evil spiritual forces, and people under their influence, who are in a state of rebellion against Him. They oppose Him and everything He stands for. And, they oppose everyone who belongs to Jesus.
This is exactly the situation Paul warns the Christians at Ephesus about in the final section of his letter to them.
He has shown them all that God has done for them in Christ.
He has encouraged them to live a life worthy of all that has been done for them.
He has shown them how to live as people filled with the Holy Spirit in the gatherings, their marriages, their families, and in their working lives.
But he must warn them that it will be difficult. There will be conflict. They will have opposition, and not just from the people they live and mix and work with, there will be opposition from spiritual forces of evil.
He gives three clear instructions:
1. Trust Your God Vs 10 – 11
2. Know Your Enemy Vs 12
3. Stand Your Ground Vs 13