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God says 'yes' to all the promises that were made in the Old Testament... and this is great news for all of us who trust in Jesus. God’s promises to…
There’s one thing that certainly takes us out of our comfort zone: and that’s when tragedy strikes us. When we are personally affected by grief and sadness, we know that…

Conspiracy Theory

7 October, 2013
If there’s something that really gets people worked up, it’s conspiracy theories. Today we are looking at a conspiracy theory in God’s word that has now been exposed.
The greatest problem we face is death. And so the greatest discovery that could ever be made would be a cure for death. Last week we had a Bible talk…

The king killed

29 September, 2013

The king betrayed

22 September, 2013
Ten people were implicated in the betrayal of Jesus... Judas, a young man, false witnesses, a false priest, guards, Peter, Pilate, Crowd, Barabbas... and You!

The king abandoned

15 September, 2013
In his final days as a man, Jesus was abandoned by almost everyone who was close or important to him. He was abandoned by his friends, by his family, by…
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