So you’re thinking of visiting our church?

We’d love you to join us at Oak Flats Anglican Church!

We offer real hope in the real Jesus, and we’d love to share this with you as together we meet Jesus Christ by listening to him speak to us through the Bible.

We meet at 35 Fisher Street, Oak Flats (click here for details and directions) and our main session times are 9.30am and 3.30pm on Sundays but you will need to book in at the office to ensure there is room as seating is limited during the pandemic.

OR you can watch online (click here for detail of our online options).

To find out more about what our church is like and other useful stuff, visit this page.

To find out what groups and activities we offer for people of all ages, check out this page.

And to find out a bit about what our church is like, then head over to this page.

We’d love you to join us this week… drop on by and enjoy the real hope found in the real Jesus!