Watch church online

As they say of sport, “It’s never the same unless you’re there at the game”, but sometimes it’s just not physically possible to join us at church.

Fortunately, the wonders of modern technology mean you can watch a live broadcast of our church services from the comfort and convenience of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Follow these instructions to watch us live, or to view a past recording of church or just our talks.

Watch the full church service – live broadcast or catch up on past services

To watch a live broadcast of our church service, please visit our YouTube channel.

You can also watch recordings of past church services here.

Watch video recordings of our talks

To watch a video of any of our Bible talks, please visit our Vimeo page.

These recordings only show the Bible talk, and are available for all talks since we’ve been making video recordings.

Need some help?

If all of this is too confusing, please email for some technical help.