Mythbusting Reality Talk 10 – Mythbusting Repentance Job 22-25 outline

Job: Mythbusting Reality
10: Mythbusting Repentance
Job chapters 22 to 24 ✦  Jodie McNeill

A spectacular backflip


A recap of Job


Eliphaz says that Job needs to repent (chapter 22)

• It’s a horrible feeling to be falsely ________________.

• God knows ____________________, and he will judge ________________.

• It’s wrong to become a Christian just because you’ll get _____________ things.


Job shows why he doesn’t need to repent (chapter 23)

• Job’s deepest longing is to be found ___________________ before God.

• Do you love God’s _____________ more than food?


Job describes those who do need to repent (chapter 24)

• We see a picture of _________________________ evil.

• Their judgement day is ______________ and their punishment is ______________.


A necessary backflip

• True Christians need to keep saying ______________.


Next Week…
Jodie speaks on ‘Mythbusting Religion’ from Job chapters 25 and 26


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