Coming up this Sunday 18th November 2018

This Sunday we continue our series on ‘Romans: The Heart of Truth’, with Jodie speaking on the topic  ‘The difference that real unity makes’ from Romans chapter 14 verses 1 to 23.

It’s also the right time for us to recognise many of the needs of our missionaries, so we’ll have a special report about what’s been happening in the lives of our partners in global, word ministry.

We will once again have our popular weekly question and answer time, and Jodie will be answering these questions:

  1. What does it mean for God to be omnipotent (i.e. ‘all-powerful’)?
  2. Was ‘original sin’ God’s idea?
  3. Are erotic novels as bad as pornography?
  4. What does the Bible say about abortion?
  5. Does God forgive a Christian solider who has killed in self-defence?
  6. What happens to the Holy Spirit in us after Jesus returns or we go to be with him?

Our youth group, Refuge, meets at 4pm in the Neighbourhood Centre, and then head over to join us for church. Kids’ Club and Andy’s Club meets at our 5pm evening service for their program, followed by a great dinner together for the whole family.

As always, come along and visit us at 10am or 5pm at 35 Fisher Street Oak Flats, or if you can’t make it in person, jump online at to watch a livestream of our services.

See you at 10am or 5pm this Sunday, God willing!