True Protection

The big news at present is the vaccine roll-out across Australia. Ideally the vaccine will protect you from getting COVID-19 or if you do get it, reducing the severity of symptoms and the possibility of passing it on to someone else. 

Either way, the key point is protection. None of us wants to be exposed to the possibility of becoming seriously ill…and we do want life to go back to normal! 

However, while the vaccine may well provide protection from COVID-19, that is all it can do.

 A number of the Psalms speak of God as a protector. From what does God protect us?

“The Lord will; protect you from all evil, He will keep your soul” (Psalm 121:7)

Jesus likened Himself to a mother hen seeking to shelter her chicks (Jerusalem) under her wings. (Matthew 23:37)

In the New Testament, the Apostle Peter says that we have an imperishable, heavenly inheritance reserved for us…. 

“…who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time”. (1 Peter 1:5)

This is the protection we really need! You may catch COVID-19, even with the ‘protection’ of the vaccine, but only your body will be affected, as uncomfortable as that might be. 

However, the temptations of the world, sin and the devil are more serious threats to our eternal soul than a virus to our mortal body. Trusting in the power of King of kings is a much safer option than AstraZeneca!  

– Phil Pratt