Our ministers

All of us

The Bible teaches that every person who believes in Jesus is a minister. That’s in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 12.

So that means that we’ve got a church that’s full of ministers!

We’re involved in everything from playing music through to leading small group Bible studies; from occasional preaching through to running kids’ programs; from visiting sick and elderly through to leading services; from cooking and cleaning through to maintenance and gardening. Everyone does everything, and we’re sure there’s something that everyone can be involved with.


Senior Minister – Jodie McNeill

Jodie is married to Mandy and has four children: Hugo (10), Oscar (14), Jemimah (18) and Liana (19).

As Senior Minister, Jodie is our main Bible teacher on Sundays, and he cares for us by praying for us, meeting up with us, and helping train us in how to live lives that honour God.

Jodie trained at Moore Theological College, and loves to carefully understand the Bible so he can teach it to us each week and help us know more about God and ourselves.

He loves meeting new people, and when you visit us, he’ll do his best to say “G’day” and share a cuppa with you. If you’d love to talk to him about how to follow Jesus, he’s always got time to chat.

Jodie enjoys reading, hiking, photography, playing and listening to music, ukuleles, watching movies that make him think, and trying to stand up on his longboard at ‘The Farm’ without injuring himself.

You can follow Jodie on Twitter at @jodiemcneill or visit his own website at www.jodiemcneill.com.

His email address is jodie.mcneill@oakflatsanglican.com and you can phone him on +612 4231 9512.


Assistant Minister – Simon Chaplin

Simon is married to Amy, and they have three children: Liam (9), Lily (4), and Annabel (1).

Simon was serving at St Mark’s Malabar Anglican Church for nearly ten years, initially as a student minister, and then after that as the full-time assistant minister. During this time he did everything from youth and children’s ministry, occasional services, and ministry training, through to regular preaching.

After completing a science degree, Simon worked as an industrial chemist before doing a two-year MTS Ministry Training Apprenticeship at the University of New South Wales, prior to heading to Moore College for his four-year theology degree.

His email address is simon.chaplin@oakflatsanglican.com and you can phone him on +612 4231 9514.


Personal Assistant to the Senior Minister – Valerie O’Regan

Valerie joined our staff team as Personal Assistant to the Senior Minister at the beginning of 2016, and if you need to know something about anything, she’s sure to be able to help.

In her spare time Valerie enjoys reading, binge-watching NETFLIX, spending time with friends (usually at the movies) and conversations with people that make her think or laugh, but mostly laugh!

She works in our office on Monday 9.30am to 3.30pm, Tuesday 12.30pm to 3.30pm and Wednesdays through to Fridays from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

You can call her on +612 4231 9510 or email her at val.oregan@oakflatsanglican.com.