Adult Bible Studies

One of the best ways to grow in your knowledge and love of God is to join a small-group Bible study. Not only do you get an opportunity to learn more about God, you also get a chance to grow in your relationships with a group of others from within the church.

In our church we call these groups ‘Serve Teams,’ as they are a great way to connect in a ‘team’ with others, and to then have an opportunity to serve each other, our church, our community, and God. For more details, visit our Serve Teams page.

Members of our 5pm Congregation attend serve teams on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. If you’d like to find out more, contact our office at

Members of our 10am Congregation attend serve teams during the week, both day and night, and are either men’s only, women’s only, or are mixed. To find our more about each of the groups and how you can join them, give the Bible study leader a call.

10am Congregation Bible Study Groups

Day/time Location Type of group Leader
Monday 9.30-11am Jamberoo Mums with school kids Mandy McNeill – 0425 222 338
Monday 7.30pm Albion Park Rail Mixed adults Peter Taylor – 0448 190 946
Wednesday 9.30am The church Women Marylin Kyngdon – 0416 108 947
Wednesday 9.30am The church Men John Wilson – 0439 561 373
Wednesday 7.30pm Albion Park Mixed adults Geoff Kyngdon – 0417 044 565
Thursday 8pm Oak Flats Mixed adults Paul Hall – 4244 3975