We’d love you to join us this Easter

Easter is really important for followers of Jesus, because at Easter we remember two of the most amazing things that happened in Jesus’ life.

Firstly, on Good Friday, we remember that Jesus was executed in a shocking way so that he could willingly make a swap with anyone who chose to follow him.

He swapped his life for ours, and because of that, anyone who trusts in Jesus can become friends with God and forgiven for all we’ve done.

Secondly, on Easter Sunday, we remember that Jesus rose from the dead, coming to life to show that he had done what no one else could do… fixed the problem of death.

Because he rose from the dead, it showed his crucifixion worked, and that is really, really good news for everyone who trusts in Jesus as their king and their saviour.

This Friday at 9am we’re coming together for Good Friday. Jodie, our Senior Minister, is talking on the topic, ‘Call me Barabbas’, which is all about how the criminal called Barabbas was set free from the punishment he deserved because of the swap that happened with Jesus.

On Sunday at 9am and at 5pm we’re joining together for Easter Sunday. Jodie will be speaking about the ‘famous first words’ of Jesus, when he met people just after he rose from the dead.

We’d really love you to join us, especially if you’ve never set foot in a church before. Our church can be your church.

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