OK, so you’re a teenager. Right. So, now, it’s time to be part of Refuge!

Refuge is a youth group for people aged school years 7 to 12, and it’s a place to get fired up for serving Jesus.

But that doesn’t mean it’s only for people who already trust in Jesus… it’s also for anyone wanting to check out what the Bible says about Jesus, and to kick around the idea of following Jesus as your king and your saviour.

We have yummy snacks, a discussion time from the Bible that hits home to our lives, and we just hang out, play games and do all sorts of other stuff that you’ll have to see to believe.

Refuge is for high school youth in years 7 to 12, and is on Fridays from 7-9pm during school term time.

***During lockdown we will be meeting online at our Discord server***

Want to find out more?

Give Val O’Regan, the Refuge Coordinator a call on 0408 271 189 or email You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook – click here to see our page.