Things for adults

Apart from our Sunday services, we have a whole lot of activities and special events that are tailored towards the adults in our church.

Men’s Dinner

Once a term on a Tuesday night we have a Men’s dinner at a restaurant, where we enjoy meeting with other blokes from the Shellharbour area, and where we hear a stimulating and thought-provoking talk about God, Jesus and the Bible by a visiting speaker. Full details at our Men’s Dinner page.

Ladies’ Dinner

Once a month or so, on a Tuesday night we also have our Ladies’ Dinner (or ‘Ladies’ Tea as we sometimes call it), where we have a great meal together, lots of time for chatting, then a great talk designed to grow the women and friends of our church, and anyone who wants to join us. Details at the Ladies’ Dinner page.

Midweek Bible Studies

During the week many of our adult men and women join together for Bible study groups, usually of around ten or so people. Some are just for men, some are just for women, and many have both men and women together. Details of our groups can be found at church.

Social groups

Every few months we have social events for adults, where we have a meal, see a movie or a play, or do anything… really! For details of upcoming events, check out weekly church news.