Meet The King – our Bible talk series on Mark’s Gospel


Meet The King

¬†Over the months of April through to October we’re looking at the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

The series is called, ‘Meet the King’, because in the sixteen, action-packed chapters of Mark’s Gospel we get to meet the true king of the universe, Jesus Christ, and see just what makes him so special.

Here is the plan for the 23 week series. We’d love you to join us to experience the real Jesus as we drill down into the great words recorded in Mark’s Gospel.

Sunday Passage Title Speaker
14 April Mark 1:1-15 The king worth waiting for Jodie McNeill
21 April Mark 1:16-45 The king with authority Jodie McNeill
28 April Mark 2:1-17 The king for sinners Jodie McNeill
5 May Mark 2:18-3:6 The king who ends religion Jodie McNeill
12 May Mark 3:7-34 The king of all rulers Jodie McNeill
19 May Mark 4:1-20 The king’s divisive word Jodie McNeill
26 May Mark 4:21-34 The king’s kingdom Jodie McNeill
2 June Mark 4:35-5:43 The king’s power Jodie McNeill
9 June Mark 6:1-30 The king meets unbelievers Jodie McNeill
16 June Mark 6:31-56 The king meets the hard-hearted Jodie McNeill
23 June Mark 7:1-37 The king meets the unclean Jodie McNeill
21 July Mark 8:1-33 The king’s mission Jodie McNeill
28 July Mark 8:34-9:1 The king’s commitment Jodie McNeill
4 August Mark 9:2-50 The king’s path to glory Jodie McNeill
11 August Mark 10:1-12 The king and marriage Jodie McNeill
18 August Mark 10:13-52 The king’s greatness Jodie McNeill
25 August Mark 11:1-33 The king’s arrival Jodie McNeill
1 September Mark 12:1-44 The king and the hypocrites Jodie McNeill
8 September Mark 13:1-37 The king’s coming Jodie McNeill
15 September Mark 14:1-42 The king abandoned Jodie McNeill
22 September Mark 14:43-15:15 The king betrayed Gordon Cheng
29 September Mark 15:16-41 The king killed Phil Pratt
6 October Mark 15:42-16:8 The king is alive Jodie McNeill