Get to know our Members


I am a wife and stay at home mum who has recently gone back to part time work after 10 years. I work in hospitality. I like that Oak Flats is a small community and that everything is easy to access for me – School, church, shops, work etc.

Being a Christian means that I know my salvation is in Christ. Also, to love, care and share Christ with others who might not know him.

Many years ago, I went the playgroup with my boys because our previous church did not have one. When we started looking for a new church, we decided to come along to Oak Flats Anglican.



I was a primary school teacher in the local area for 40 years. I like the She-oaks of Oak Flats, as well as being close to the lake with a mountain view.

Being a Christian means hope and life. When you consider the evil in this world you would despair otherwise. To know you’re loved by the creator of the world – what could be better!

I come to Oak Flats Anglican because that’s how I find out about God. It’s great to be with others who love God!



I am the church administrator for Oak Flats Anglican and All Saints Albion Park Anglican Church.

The Oak Flats area reminds me of the country city where I grew up (Bathurst). It is a small community with good access to everywhere and everything.

Being a Christian gives me hope and I like being part of God’s family. Oak Flats Anglican is a very welcoming family and has great biblical teaching.