The kinds of people who come to our church

Our church has a real mixture of people.

Across the ages, we have children, youth, families, retirees and seniors.

We’ve got single parents, grandparents, married and divorced people, young adults, teenagers, unemployed people, tradies, small business owners, university graduates, professionals, and nearly everyone in between. No matter who you are, you’ll fit in at our church.

We dress in a fairly casual way on Sundays. Some people wear boardshorts and thongs, and others wear trousers and jackets. Some women wear jeans and others wear a dress. Come dressed in the kind of gear you’d wear to the cinemas, and you’ll probably be safe.

Our church is set up for people with physical disabilities. We’ve got a disabled toilet and ramps everywhere. If you arrive in a wheelchair or need some physical assistance, you’ll be well-looked after.

We’ve got a mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds. We’ve got quite a number of people who came to Australia from around Europe in the past few decades, and you’ll be sure to meet a few people with accents.

Overall, you’ll find our church to be pretty welcoming, we think. It’s one of the things we try really hard to do, because it makes us really happy when we get a new person to join us and make their spiritual home with us. Just ask one of our many recent visitors how they’ve felt, and they’ll tell you they’re still with us because of the great welcome they received… or is it the huge morning tea…?