Gospel of John 35: Fishing and Fellowship with the Lord

Gospel of John: Fishing and Fellowship with the Lord John 21:1-14 Sam Pursell • 18th April 2021   Fishing with the risen Lord Jesus Fellowship with the risen Lord Jesus   Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Gospel-of-John-35-Fishing-and-Fellowship-with-the-Lord-John-21.1-14-Sam-Pursell-18th-April-2021

Church news for the week beginning 18th April 2021

Noel Monk’s Memorial Service A memorial service to remember Noel Monk will be held at our church at 11.30am this Monday 19th April, followed by light refreshments. Building & Maintenance Plan We are putting together a Building & Maintenance plan. Please talk to Sam or the Wardens about anything you have observed that needs fixing or might need updating … Read more…

The inheritance that cannot be lost

Are you the kind of person who loses things? Recently in our house some gold coins have been given out for helping around the house. But just this week I was told, “Dad, I’ve lost one of my 2 coins! Can you help me find it?” So off we went to find the missing $1 … Read more…

Gospel of John 34: Peace from the risen Lord Jesus

Gospel of John: Peace from the risen Lord Jesus John 20:19-31 Sam Pursell • 11th April 2021   Jesus’ peace to the disciples (19-23) Jesus’ peace to Thomas (24-29) Jesus’ peace to you (30-31)   Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Gospel-of-John-34-Peace-from-the-risen-Lord-Jesus-John-20.19-31-Sam-Pursell-11th-April-2021

Church news for the week beginning 11th April 2021

Kitchen notice In the interest of safety, please do not use the kitchen, and in particular grab a hot drink during the service. This is to prevent any spillages or accidents, in particular while the Kids’ church program occurs. Phil Slocombe’s wedding Phil is getting married to Anita this Friday 16th April at 1pm. To view … Read more…

Driven by fear

Fear is a powerful motivator  It can be useful in stopping yourself from being hurt unnecessarily – observe how a young baby will crawl straight off the edge of a step, whereas an older baby will have learnt that lesson and will be more careful. But it can backfire on us where a bully gets … Read more…

Church news for Easter 2021

Easter Services Join us at 9.00am for a special Good Friday service on Friday 2nd April, with Hot Cross Buns. We’ll be meeting at our normal times of 9.30am and 5pm on Easter Sunday, 4th April. After our morning service on Easter Sunday, children are invited to join us for a special Easter Egg Hunt! Daylight Savings ends … Read more…

Gospel of John 33: Jesus: The risen Lord

Gospel of John: Jesus: The risen Lord John 20:1-18 Sam Pursell • Easter Sunday • 4th April 2021   The missing body and belief The appearing and calling Lord   Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Gospel-of-John-33-Jesus-The-risen-Lord-John-20.1-18-Sam-Pursell-Easter-Sunday-4th-April-2021

Gospel of John 32: God’s King dies

Gospel of John: God’s King dies John 19:16-42 Sam Pursell • Good Friday • 2nd April 2021   God’s King crucified for our sins According to God’s plan Will you trust in Jesus?   Download a copy of this as a PDF from here:Gospel-of-John-32-Gods-King-dies-John-19.16-42-Sam-Pursell-Good-Friday-2nd-April-2021