Apple, The Olympics, Coca Cola, McDonalds, and the church… spot the odd one out!

When you think of it, there’s no greater organisation in the universe than God’s church.

It’s vastly more significant than Apple, The Olympics, Coca Cola, and even McDonald’s!

So, it would be logical to think that the way that the church would grow would be just like the way that those organisations grow.

In some ways this is true: God’s church grows through good-old-fashioned word-of-mouth and personal endorsement.

Yet, in other ways this is not true, given the essential difference in purpose and functionality between the heavenly church of God and the world’s great multinational corporations.

So, how does God build his church? How does he make it grow from strength to strength? What are his techniques and strategies?

Find out this and more on Sunday as we examine just how it is that God is building his church.


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