Breakfast on the beach

Peter is a significant character in this final chapter of John’s Gospel…and with good reason! Recent events have rocked his world and knocked his confidence. Not only was Peter sternly rebuked by Jesus for rejecting His teaching that He would be crucified (Mark 8:31-33), Peter then forcefully denied ever knowing Him (Mark 14:66-72)…and now Jesus … Read more

The inheritance that cannot be lost

Are you the kind of person who loses things? Recently in our house some gold coins have been given out for helping around the house. But just this week I was told, “Dad, I’ve lost one of my 2 coins! Can you help me find it?” So off we went to find the missing $1 … Read more

Driven by fear

Fear is a powerful motivator  It can be useful in stopping yourself from being hurt unnecessarily – observe how a young baby will crawl straight off the edge of a step, whereas an older baby will have learnt that lesson and will be more careful. But it can backfire on us where a bully gets … Read more

The joy of closeness at Easter

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney 2021 Easter Message How different will our celebrations of Easter be this year, from 2020. Last year we stayed at home. No church gatherings as extreme social distancing kept us apart. What a joy it is to be close to one another this Easter. For it is the celebration of … Read more

The good works of salvation

Salvation on Sunday must lead to renewed actions on Monday. Or even at Sunday lunch. In Philippians 2, Paul paints a grand vision of Christ’s saving work. Although being in very nature God, Jesus Christ came as a man, humbling himself, even to death on a cross. Therefore, God exalted him to the highest place, … Read more

Turn your worries into prayer

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 Anxiety is a big deal. Odds are that you’ve wrestled with it. It is … Read more

Are we OK with weakness?

God loves to use the weak things of this world to show his greatness. We know it when it comes to the weakness of Jesus Christ, powerful Son of God, who nevertheless died for us in weakness to save us. But do we know it when it comes to our own weaknesses? Or the weaknesses … Read more

Loving as Jesus loves

What is the best way to make spaghetti bolognaise? What is the best way to wash the car? What is appropriate when it comes to how we treat others? The family and circumstances in which we grow up shape us greatly. What we think of as normal is often merely the practice of the household … Read more

True Protection

The big news at present is the vaccine roll-out across Australia. Ideally the vaccine will protect you from getting COVID-19 or if you do get it, reducing the severity of symptoms and the possibility of passing it on to someone else.  Either way, the key point is protection. None of us wants to be exposed … Read more

Holy Holidays

In my Bible reading this year I have made it up to Leviticus 23. Its contents may not come immediately to mind, so I will jog your memory. It is a portion of the law for Old Testament Israel, and it outlines the Sabbaths and Festivals for the year of that nation. In other words, … Read more