Real hope in the real Jesus

It’s a challenge that all of us have to come to terms with… do you have real hope? Hope comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes: sometimes it’s hope in relationships… sometimes it’s hope in possessions… sometimes it’s hope in achievements. But at the end of the day, our relationships, possessions and achievements will … Read more

Which person are you?

When Jesus tells stories, he often talks about two different people and how they live very different lives and make very different choices. Our talks this Sunday are just like that. In our morning talk, Adam Hotson will be speaking from Luke chapter 18 verses 9 to 14 on the topic ‘Pride and Prejudice’, where … Read more

What are we doing here?

On Sunday at church, we’re going to stand up and sing some songs, sit down and pray, stand up and say a statement of belief, sit down and listen to the Bible read and taught, then eat a strange, mini-meal of bread and juice.

Why? Like so many things, it’s a tradition we do. We did it last week, and we did it last year, and hundreds of years before that other people did it… at least it seems that way.

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Apple, The Olympics, Coca Cola, McDonalds, and the church… spot the odd one out!

When you think of it, there’s no greater organisation in the universe than God’s church. It’s vastly more significant than Apple, The Olympics, Coca Cola, and even McDonald’s! So, it would be logical to think that the way that the church would grow would be just like the way that those organisations grow. In some … Read more

Why is God building his church?

There are many good good reasons why God might choose to build his church. On the one hand, his church as it gathers on earth is a really useful place to help encourage Christians to keep trusting in the promises of God, especially as we go through the normal challenges of life. But on another … Read more