Which person are you?

When Jesus tells stories, he often talks about two different people and how they live very different lives and make very different choices. Our talks this Sunday are just like that.

In our morning talk, Adam Hotson will be speaking from Luke chapter 18 verses 9 to 14 on the topic ‘Pride and Prejudice’, where he’ll show us how two men had very different ideas about their standing before God.

In our evening talk, Luke Llewellyn will be speaking from Luke chapter 16 verses 19 to 31 on the topic ‘The Great Reversal’, and he’ll show us how the fortunes of two men were reversed after death because of their choices in life.

As we hear Jesus speak in his stories about people in very different situations, it forces us to ask ourselves which of the two people we are most like.

And so, this Sunday, be ready to ask yourself the question, “which person am I?”, because the answer to this question holds the key to having real hope in the real Jesus.

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