What are we doing here?

On Sunday at church, we’re going to stand up and sing some songs, sit down and pray, stand up and say a statement of belief, sit down and listen to the Bible read and taught, then eat a strange, mini-meal of bread and juice.

Why? Like so many things, it’s a tradition we do. We did it last week, and we did it last year, and hundreds of years before that other people did it… at least it seems that way.

But is what we’re doing as we church together actually the best use of our time? Is there something we should be doing more of, and are there other things we should be doing less of?

On Sunday we’re going to look carefully at just what the Bible says we should be doing when we get together, and in the process, we’re going to examine things like ‘worship’ and ‘fellowship’ and ‘edification’, and even give some thought to things like baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

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