Is Schapelle innocent?

It would be difficult to avoid noticing that convicted drug trafficker, Schapelle Corby, has been released on parole from her Bali prison.

Despite her conviction and her sentence, people continue to speculate about her innocence, regardless of the strength of evidence that supports the original decision by the Bali court.

This public affair matters to us because we all have a deep sense of justice: we hate to see the innocent punished and we can’t bear to see the guilty set free.

Yet, this is what makes the crucifixion of Jesus so astonishing, for justice was not served on that first Easter: those of us who trust in Jesus are considered innocent, at the expense of the very life of Jesus.

Unless Schapelle says something genuinely new and different in her chequebook journalistic tell-all interview, we’re unlikely to know for sure if she knowingly smuggled the drugs into Bali.

But we can be sure that God truly knows everything, and that the day is coming when he will judge the living and the dead.