God teaches old dogs new tricks

You might think that you’re too old or too set in your ways to change. But that’s not the way that God sees things. Many people had their lives transformed by Jesus when they met him, and this still happens today. If you say sorry to Jesus for living your own life, and ask him … Read more

Jesus brings real hope at Easter

When a hero dies in a story, it’s usually bad news. Except when the hero comes back to life. That’s what makes Easter such a good story. When Jesus rose from the dead, he showed that he was the boss of death. Jesus won, and death lost. So, when we trust in Jesus, then his … Read more

What’s so good about Good Friday?

It’s odd to think that we would choose to call the day of the death of our king a ‘good friday’. After all, it was our fault that he needed to die at all. It all happened because the first humans chose to rebel against God’s leadership of their life. And because they rebelled against … Read more

Join us for Easter 2014

Wouldn’t you love a fresh start in life? Find out how Jesus brings real forgiveness this Easter season. Good Friday – 18th April 2014, 9am – Jesus brings real freedom! Easter Sunday – 20th April 2014, 9am and 5pm (with free dinner) – Jesus brings real hope! 27th April 2014, 9am and 5pm (with free dinner) – Jesus brings real change! Don’t miss … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 13th April 2014

Green Day TODAY! Yes, it’s time to put on our green T-shirts and join Dorothy the Dinosaur in handing out Easter flyers to the neighbourhood. We’re meeting today after morning church and after we’ve stuffed letterboxes, we’re coming together for a free sausage sizzle. A great day to connect with our community. Ladies’ Dinner Tuesday night On Tuesday night we … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 6th April 2014

‘Jesus Brings’ Seniors Service and Lunch Tomorrow on Monday 7th April at 11am join for a special ‘Jesus Brings’ Seniors’ Service then lunch, where Jodie will speak on the topic, “Jesus brings rest for the weary.” Ideal for newcomers and visitors. ‘Jesus Brings’ event with Al Stewart Al Stewart is speaking at a special event for the … Read more

Jesus brings freedom from religion

  It might come as a surprise, but Jesus was one of the most anti-religious people to ever walk the planet. Instead of rewarding the religious leaders, he called them hypocrites because of the way they misrepresented God. He did this because Christianity is not about how people climb up to God by doing religious acts, but … Read more