Coming up this Sunday 11th October 2015

This Sunday we kick off our new series called ‘Alive with Christ’, as we look at the remarkable story of the empty tomb from Luke 24:1-12. Jodie will be preaching on the topic, ‘Alive and risen’, and will be drawing out the implications of the empty tomb for our life today. Next week the HSC exams kick … Read more

News and events for the week beginning Sunday 4th October 2015

The Foolishness of the Cross Today Adam Hotson completes our new three-week, mini-series as he speaks on the topic, ‘The foolish ministry of the cross’, from Romans 6:5-14 & Luke 9:21-26. Men’s Dinner Join us for our next Men’s Dinner at 6.30pm this Tuesday 6th October at the Central Hotel at 3 Memorial Drive, Shellharbour City, as we hear from special … Read more

Why is our church fixing up a swimming pool?

Why on earth would our church want to put its energy into renovating the 50-year-old Oak Flats Swimming Pool? The simple answer is that we want to serve our local community so that we can share our lives and our precious message with the people in our neighbourhood. The event is called ‘CityServe’ and will be … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 4th October 2015

After two weeks of our series, ‘The foolishness of the cross’, we’re going to hear Adam Hotson preach on the final topic ‘The foolish ministry of the cross’, from Romans 6:5-14 & Luke 9:21-26. Calling the cross of Christ ‘foolish’ has been a bit of an odd thing to hear from a Christian church, but when … Read more