Seeking a new Assistant Minister

We’re looking for a new Assistant Minister to join our church to help equip us for ministry.

For as we see from Ephesians chapter 4, we know that Jesus has given speakers of God’s word to the church, so that every Christian will be equipped for ministry to everyone, so that the church will be built, and that we all reach true unity in our knowledge and life, in mutual maturity.

So, we’re looking for a man who is passionate about using God’s word to train everyday Christians to love, lead and learn together.

Other than the ‘normal’ Assistant Minister things, he will have a special focus on growing our small groups, on helping newcomers feel at home, and on seeking to help us reach the parents and carers who send their kids and youth to our midweek groups.

To make this happen, I’d love you to do four things.

Firstly, I’d love you to pray that we get the best person possible, and that God continues to provide us with the resources to support this ministry.

Secondly, I’d love you to review your giving, and prayerfully reflect on whether you can increase your financial support to help us meet our weekly shortfall of around $500 per week.

Thirdly, I’d love you to keep serving and ministering, as you have all been so generous with your time and energy, both behind-the-scenes and upfront.

Fourthly, I’d love you to keep growing, as you hear God’s word and are inspired to keep loving, serving and giving God all the glory.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the ministry of our church, and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the years ahead of ministry, together.