Christ in the Psalms – Talk 3 Life in Between- Psalm 39 – talk outline

Christ in the Psalms

3. Life in Between

Psalm 39  ✦  Simon Chaplin

1. When to we speak and when to stay silent (v1-3)
2. What suffering teaches us about Life

QUIZ: LIFE IS ________
Life is hard
Life is fun
Life is boring
Life is an adventure
Life is _______

  • Life is ___________________


3.What suffering teaches us about Sin

  • Suffering is part of God’s ___________________


4. What do we learn about the Christ of the Psalms?

  • David can _________________ to Jesus
  • David can be a ___________________ to Jesus


5. Jesus’ Resurrection is the basis of our Hope

Romans 8:2

Set free from ___________ and _______________

Rev 21:4


Download the PDF of this outline here Life in Between outline