More than a rain shelter?

Jamberoo Anglican Church

This weekend we give thanks to God for 150 years of ministry in the building of our sister church at Jamberoo Anglican.

This building has been special for many people who have gathered there since 1867.

It is the place where they baptised babies and new believers, married new couples, and said farewell to loved ones.

Yet despite the fond memories, the Bible makes it clear that buildings do not perform a special religious function beyond helping people gather together in comfort and safety.

Before Jesus’ time, God’s Temple was the place at which God chose to be especially present, and his people gathered there to have priests make sacrifices with special rituals.

But when Jesus came, he transformed the way that we were to meet with God.

Instead of needing a physical building, we now meet with Christ, by his Spirit, as we hear his word in the Bible.

And because of Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice on the first Good Friday, we no longer need to offer sacrifices at an altar in a temple.

What’s more, we no longer need to have a special priest to stand between us and God, because Jesus is that high priest who constantly brings our requests to our heavenly Father.

This means that the reason we meet together in our church buildings is to hear God’s word, pray to him, and to encourage one another through love and good deeds.

When we do this, it will create rich and warm memories that should prompt us to bring thanksgiving to God for all that he’s done in our special buildings.

And we should be energised to work together to extend the reach of our churches to include more and more people in our region.

Happy Birthday, Jamberoo Church of the Resurrection!