Coming up this Sunday 21st October 2018

This Sunday we begin the next part of our series on ‘Romans: The Heart of Truth’, with Simon speaking on the topic ‘Truly transformed service’ from Romans chapter 12 verses 1 to 8.

We will hear from Jodie a special update about our annual get-together of all the churches in Sydney and the Illawarra (called the ‘Synod’) at both our services.

We will have our popular weekly question and answer time, and Jodie will be answering these questions:

  1. Is it blasphemous for modern Bibles to change the original English translation?
  2. Why do English Bibles differ from each other? For example, Psalm 22:15 says “my strength is dried up” but another says “my mouth is dried up”?
  3. Do you have to celebrate the Lord’s Supper at church, or can it be done at home?

This week also sees the return of our Children and Youth programs. Refuge, our youth group, meets at 4pm in the Neighbourhood Centre, and then head over to join us for church. Kids’ Club and Andy’s Club meets at our 5pm evening service for their program, followed by a great dinner together for the whole family.

As always, we’d love you to join us this Sunday at 10am or 5pm, or check us out online at for live streaming of our two services.