Church news for the week beginning 16th June 2019

Today’s Talk

Today we have Paul Hall offering up two different sermons: ‘The rise and the rise of David’ from 1 Samuel chapter 18 verses 1 to 16 at the 10am morning service; and ‘What does Genesis 1 – 11 teach us about God?’ with the Bible reading Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 to 29 at the 5 pm evening service.

Next Week’s Talk

Next week we have Andy Peters preaching on the topic ‘Will you compromise in the face of persecution?’ from Acts chapter 4 verses 1 to 22.

Emergency Evacuation Meeting

If you are a service leader or a leader of any group that meets in the church, please meet with Harley Mills after both services today for an Emergency Evacuation Meeting. This is to inform you of your responsibilities in safely evacuating the church. We will gather at the back of the church after the service. 

Real Kids Day – coming soon!

On Monday 22nd July it’s our big ‘Real Kids Day!’ For kids aged K to 6. This is a great day to invite families with kids to our church. Registration will be open soon. Please see Val if you are able to help out on the day.