Church news for the week beginning 28th June 2020

Registering for church

Any changes in your registration for church need to be confirmed with the office, such as if you know you will be absent or if you wish to attend a different service. If you have not yet registered for a service, and wish to attend you need to contact the office. This will help with making sure that as many people as possible can attend.
We will be having a children’s program at the 9.30am service, so please consider if you could attend the 3.30pm service instead to allow more children to attend in the morning.

Pursell family on leave

Sam and his family will be on leave from Tuesday 30th June until Sunday 5th July.
Please contact either the office/Valerie or the Wardens’ during this time.

Rosters resuming

With Sunday services resuming so are rosters. If you’re unavailable to serve on a roster or you wish to change your duties, please let us know by emailing or even better go to

Kids’ Church

This week’s videos and activities for Haggai can be accessed here –

Coming back to church!

It is wonderful to be able to meet back together in person again, although things are very different than what we are used to doing.
Please note the following in regards to our gatherings:

  • Numbers are limited to 40 people.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used.
  • Your name and number will be recorded as per Health NSW regulations.
  • Stay home if you have any signs of being unwell. We will sadly need to turn you away at the door if you come to church sick.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5m from other people.
  • There will be no congregation singing. However you can hum along to the music.
  • BYO Bible as church bibles are not available.
  • No news sheet or handouts will be given.