Is truth dead or is it just a lie?

It all started in the Garden. Satan lied to Eve, Eve lied to Adam blaming Satan and Adam lied blaming Eve. Collectively they all blamed God.

When the Ten Commandments came, acting and telling the truth was enshrined in statute: Truth towards God, self, family and community. It sounds so simple but as a result of the Fall in Genesis 3 it has been a constant struggle none can escape.

Truth is now fluid; just make it up as you go. Forget God make your own rules and should you be exposed blame anyone but yourself. 

Life is viewed as being what you can get away and with and who cares anyway? God does and so should we!!! 

Politics provides abundant examples of truth lost. Consider our Courts and the chilling words often heard from the Bench: “The evidence of this witness was found to be unreliable” which is code for full of lies.

A US 2020 Presidential hopeful has been caught lying. What has the reaction been? Not condemnation but “such is life and that is just the way he operates.” Another contender lied in documentation and yet remains among the top candidates for 2020.

What about us? We are sinners saved by Grace; however our starting point must be truth not deception. 

The Ninth Commandment reads “ You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour” Exodus 20. Your neighbour is anyone you have dealings with; self, family, friends and foes.

Is truth alive for you? 

– Geoff Kyngdon