What is normal?

None have escaped CV19’s domination. Old words have become new, new meanings have been found while the title “pandemic”, not seriously applied worldwide since the Spanish Flu at the end of WW1 and transmitted to Australia as the troops arrived home from 1919, now sits in the shadow of the grim reaper.

In 1919, nearly 12000 Australians died of the that flu from a population of 5,303,574 or 0.23%. 102 Australians have died from CV19 so far from a population of around 25M.

What is normal?

The tragic death tolls have become front page news and behind each is a personal story that may never be told due to the volume. However, each is known to God and highly valued. 

As CV19 has taken its course, there has been one dominant catch cry worldwide: “We just want life to get back to normal!!!” But what is normal, do we really want it??? Abundant Gospel opportunities have been presented by the pandemic, but has there been a rush to repent in the face of imminent death, or to witness, or revival in the heats of God’s people or an  avalanche of Prayer Meetings calling for guidance and forgiveness? 

Governments have struggled. NSW seems more interested in re-opening gambling facilities than places of worship. Life has never been about easy answers as one PM said.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17 God says: “…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away behold, new things have come.” 

What normal do you to seek after? 

– Geoff Kyngdon