How God is making his church bigger

This Sunday will feature the last talk on our series about the church, called ‘I will build my church’. We’re going to consider just how it is that God is making his church bigger… or ‘evangelism’, to use the technical term.

As we examine this, we’ll also get a good idea of just how we should be reaching out to our community with the news about Jesus, and what that means for our Sunday services, our midweek small groups, our youth and children’s groups, and our special events.

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What are we doing here?

On Sunday at church, we’re going to stand up and sing some songs, sit down and pray, stand up and say a statement of belief, sit down and listen to the Bible read and taught, then eat a strange, mini-meal of bread and juice.

Why? Like so many things, it’s a tradition we do. We did it last week, and we did it last year, and hundreds of years before that other people did it… at least it seems that way.

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