The curse of Easter

Crucifixion is something that is part of a bygone era. When people are executed these days, other forms of killing are chosen… whether it’s electric chair, lethal injection, or other means. The problem with this is that we have almost romanticised the cross of Christ, and in doing so, we have dampened the true horror … Read more

Real hope in the real Jesus

It’s a challenge that all of us have to come to terms with… do you have real hope? Hope comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes: sometimes it’s hope in relationships… sometimes it’s hope in possessions… sometimes it’s hope in achievements. But at the end of the day, our relationships, possessions and achievements will … Read more

Family Fun Night this Sunday

It’s only a few sleeps till our ‘Family Fun Night’, and already there’s a buzz around the Oak Flats community. We’ve got lots of people taking the word to the streets, complete with our fancy green t-shirts, with the ‘Get Real’ on the back. So, if you’re young, have young people in your family, or … Read more

Which person are you?

When Jesus tells stories, he often talks about two different people and how they live very different lives and make very different choices. Our talks this Sunday are just like that. In our morning talk, Adam Hotson will be speaking from Luke chapter 18 verses 9 to 14 on the topic ‘Pride and Prejudice’, where … Read more

Be prepared for the Moore College invasion!

On Sunday, as part of our ‘Real Hope Week’, we’re hosting around 20 Moore College students for an eight-day ‘mission’ to connect with the community of Oak Flats and to talk about the real hope in the real Jesus at our Sunday services as well as many other events throughout the week. On Sunday, we’re … Read more