The things we value the most

At our recent gathering of all the Anglican churches from Sydney and the Illawarra, we decided on a list of values that unite us and drive us in our mission to the world. Our values flow from our identity in Christ. We are created in God’s image and redeemed by Christ’s blood for the glory of … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 26th October 2014

God’s Leading – Talks from 1 Samuel Today we continue in our series from 1 Samuel as John Wilson preaches from chapter 18 on the topic, ‘God’s leading us in our relationships’.  ‘Wheel Hope’ Billy Cart Team Today we’re participating in the second-annual Oak Flats Billy Cart Derby from 8am. Thanks for your patience with parking and detours. Men’s Dinner Join us … Read more

Mission 2020

This week the annual Synod of the Anglican Church of Sydney (the ‘parliament’ of our church) decided upon a new mission (‘Mission 2020’) to help focus us for the next five years. It include a vision, mission, values and priorities. Our vision (what we dream to see happen) is: To see Christ honoured as Lord … Read more

Hope for those with gambling addictions

Gambling is seen by many to be part of the Australian fabric of life, but for many people, gambling is an addiction that wrecks the lives of individuals, families and whole communities. In this week’s Synod, (the annual parliamentary-style meeting of the Sydney Anglican Diocese), we stood together to bring attention to this problem that affects so … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 19th October 2014

God’s Leading – Talks from 1 Samuel Today we continue in our series from 1 Samuel as Adam preaches from chapter 17 on the topic, ‘God leads us against our greatest enemy’.  Ladies’ Dinner 21st October Our next Ladies’ Dinner is this Tuesday, 21st October at 7pm at the church and will feature guest speaker Christine Jensen. Dinner is $6 payable at the … Read more

News and events for week beginning 12th October 2014

God’s Leading – Talks from 1 Samuel Today we return to our series from 1 Samuel as Jodie preaches from chapter 16 on the topic, ‘God leads us in making the right choice’.  Seniors’ Service tomorrow Our next Seniors’ Service is on tomorrow (Monday) at 11am and Adam Hotson will be speaking to us. Ladies’ Dinner … Read more

Mental health matters to God

According to Mental Health Australia, almost half the total population experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime, and at least one third of young people have had an episode of mental illness by the age of 25 years. What’s more, one in five people will experience depression in their lives, and … Read more

News and Events for week beginning 5th October 2014

Holiday series – ‘What Jesus Wants’ Today we continue our three-week series from John chapter 17, where we listen in on the remarkable prayer of Jesus to our heavenly father. This week Geoff is looking at the final section of Jesus’ prayer as we find out, ‘What Jesus wants for his church.’ Men’s Dinner 7th October Our next … Read more

Being confronting, but not confrontational

In a discussion which has taken place this week about the appropriateness of people’s attire in parliament our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, declared that the wearing of the burqa was too confronting. The comment sent shockwaves throughout the media. While I don’t agree with the wearing of burqas, we must remember that it represents an … Read more