Seeing and receiving Jesus

Luke’s GospelSeeing and receiving JesusLuke 11:29-36Sam Pursell • 10th March 2024 Download a copy of this as a PDF here: Seeing-and-receiving-Jesus-Luke11.29-36-10th-March-2024

Unfaithful Marriage

‘Life is short, have an affair’ is the tagline of the adultery dating website ‘Ashley Madison’. This week Ashley Madison’s website was hacked and held ransom by a group known as ‘The Impact Team’. The hackers threated to release the information of those who had signed up, bringing to light infidelity and potentially causing many … Read more

News and events for week beginning 5th July 2015

Fighting the good fight – James 4: 1 – 12 This week Adam is preaching on the topic, “Fighting the good fight” from James 4: 1 – 12. With it will come the challenge for us to not fight proudly, but rather humbly submit to ourselves to God, entrusting ourselves to the Lawgiver and Judge … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 5th July 2015

Hi everyone, It’s school holiday time! As usual the first Sunday of the month means that we will be sharing in the Lord’s Supper together, remembering and celebrating the great work our Saviour Jesus has done for us by breaking his body and shedding his blood on the cross, in our place, for our sins. … Read more

Name it and Claim it!

Prayer is a powerful tool that Christians have in their arsenal. We believe that through prayer we have access to the creator and sustainer of all things. We believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-places and therefore when we speak to him in prayer we can trust that he not only hears, but has … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 28th June 2015

Hi everyone, It’s school holiday time! This means that our regular series is being put on hold for a couple of weeks. This week I’m preaching on the topic, “Just Do It!” from James 1:19 – 27. With it will come the challenge for us to not just be hearers of God’s word, but to actually put … Read more

Freedom to speak

This week the news has blown up because of a statement that was made by Zaky Mallah on the ABC’s show Q&A. Whether you agree or disagree with the statements that were made, one of the great freedoms we have in this country is the freedom to speak. We as followers of Jesus embrace this … Read more

Lost and Found

  Last Tuesday, just before noon, Luke Shambrook was spotted by a police helicopter. He had wandered from his campsite on Good Friday and had spend four nights in the bush. While as a parent you would never want to give up hope, with each night passing hope might have dwindled. The relief that Luke’s … Read more

Famous Last Words

Australian icon and infamous outlaw Ned Kelly is reported to have uttered the phrase “Such is life” moments before he was hung in Melbourne Gaol on November 11, 1880. The words speak of an inevitability of death, and an acceptance that ultimately, you get what you deserve. Ned Kelly was punished for his crimes by … Read more