Church news for the week beginning 12th February 2017

Today’s Bible Talk Today Jodie will be speaking on the topic ‘Who becomes one: God’s Word on marriage’, from Genesis chapter 1 verses 19 to 25. Prime Time Social Join us this Friday, 17th February at 10am at the church for Prime Time. A great time to come together with other seniors, where you can just sit, chat and even bring along … Read more

Who becomes one? God’s word on marriage – 11 and 12 Feb 2017 – talk outline

Who Becomes One? God’s Word on Marriage Jodie McNeill ”DO YOU THINK I’M EQUAL TO YOU?” GOD MADE MARRIAGE FOR US ALL God made _______________ differences God made marriages to ______________________ Our marriages are ________________ by sin God made marriage to be _________________________ Marriage is a place for _____________ 2. SOCIETY HAS CHANGED FOR BAD … Read more

Fake news or good news?

The Macquarie dictionary has announced its 2016 word of the year: ‘fake news.’ This term came to prominence in 2016, referring to websites that deliberately published disinformation — often then promoted on social media. One such site published a story about a German town’s oldest church being burnt down by refugees on NYE. Except it … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 12th February 2017

What does the bible say about marriage? And why is it that Christians are at loggerheads with a large number of the population about the definition of marriage? If history was different, this weekend a plebiscite would have been held to decide about the redefinition of marriage as a nation. To recognise the significance of this … Read more

Last among equals

Whether we like it or not, it’s natural for any group of people to form structures to try and organise its membership. So, when you get together a bunch of people to play on a sporting team, it’s pretty normal for a captain to be appointed. And when you have an organisation like a club … Read more