Unity beyond the World Cup

The Soccer World Cup started last week and it has been amazing to see unity in Australia as we support our country in Russia.

There are people watching who love soccer, some who maybe only watch the World Cup and some who maybe only watch when Australia is playing. Either way, it is so much fun to see people in the shops, at work, or at church mutter away about how it has been going.

It is a truly beautiful unity. Yet as Christians this kind of unity should feel familiar. We are to be unified far beyond the feelings of unity Australia feels watching the Socceroos.

Jesus prays for “those who will believe in him…that they may be one as [He & the Father] are one…so that we may be brought to complete unity.” (John 17:20-23)

This unity shows the world that Jesus was sent by God and that God loves humanity. 

This is the unity that we should strive for.

We need to be committed to each other because as the Apostle Paul says we all “form one body, and each member belongs to all the others” (Romans 12:5).

We belong to each other, so we need to act like it. Love your neighbour, pray for unity with those who you see at church, in your Bible Studies and throughout the week. And who knows, maybe you could even watch a Socceroos game together.

This radical unity will show the world that Jesus is God and that God loves us. 

And perhaps one day the world will recognise and feel Christian unity in the same way Aussies are currently feeling it in the World Cup.