Telling the next generation

Walk about Zion, go around her,
 count her towers…
that you may tell of them
 to the next generation. Psalm 48:13,14

Psalm 48 is an invitation to behold with eyes of faith Zion, the city of God. Eyes of faith means that to see the city is not to rejoice in the number of towers, but to rejoice that this is where God dwells. He is secure forever, and so therefore are his people.

But the purpose of this knowledge is not just for you, it’s so you will tell the next generation.

Christians are those who now see, not the walls of an earthly city, but with eyes of faith we see the heavenly Jerusalem, where we are gathered around Mt Zion. And the same command comes to us to tell the next generation, and the generation after that. Each generation must take the mantle of sharing the news of the Gospel that we see by faith.

We live in a society that by and large have rejected this vision, and so have left their children adrift. We as the Church have the opportunity to fill that spiritual void and hold out the good news of salvation.

Real Kids is an event designed exactly for that reason. Building on our relationships with the community and parents and the schools through SRE, children are invited to come and hear of the news of and to walk with eyes of faith and see that God has done.

At this Real Kids day, we will be travelling back in time so the kids will be invited to see for themselves the truth of the Gospel. These days are always exciting, with skits and games and lots of food. And they are filled with fun and laughter, in ways that only children can bring.

But the greatest joy is passing on the news to the next generation.

Join us this Tuesday 2nd October from 9am to 3pm for our Real Kids Day.