Pray for our Christian Teachers

Teachers have an important role in contemporary society. Through their teaching they contribute to the academic development of their students, enabling them to grow to live fulfilled lives and to be positive contributors to their communities.  The impact of teachers on their students is not limited to classroom teaching and learning. Professional and community expectations … Read more

Holy Discipline

Holy DisciplineHebrews 12:1-17Sam Pursell • 2nd February 2020 Look to Jesus and run the race of faith (1-3) Training: God strengthens us through suffering (4-11) Run the race of faith as a team (12-17) Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Holy Discipline – Hebrews 12:1-17 – Sam Pursell – 2nd February … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 2nd February 2020

This Sunday we continue our series looking at Hebrews with Sam speaking on the topic ‘Holy Discipline‘, from Hebrews 12:1-17. Dinner after our 5pm service resumes this week – make sure you stay for a delicious meal and great fellowship. If you’ve never come along before, then this Sunday is a great time to drop in. … Read more

Church news for the week beginning 26th January 2020

Ulladulla Parish Bushfire Donation As a Parish, Oak Flats will be donating $2,000 to the Ulladulla Parish to assist those who have been affected by the bushfires. We are asking people to match this offering. You can donate via the offering bag or direct deposit to the church account. Please clearly mark the donation with … Read more

Happy Australia Day?

In recent years Australia day has increasingly contentious, particularly in regard to the past treatment of Aboriginal people. For many Australia is a place of hope and joy. Millions have grown up here and are thankful for peaceful and prosperous lives. Others have come to Australia for refuge, leaving wars and conflicts in other countries. … Read more

Examples of Faithful Endurance

Examples of Faithful EnduranceHebrews 11:1-40Sam Pursell • 26th January 2020 Trust God regarding things unseen Please God through earnestly seeking him Reject the world and its pleasures Look for God’s rewards Persevere to receive God’s promise Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Examples of Faithful Endurance – Hebrews 11:1-40 – Sam … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 26th January 2020

This Sunday we continue our series looking at Hebrews with Sam speaking on the topic ‘Examples of faithful endurance‘, from Hebrews 11:1-40. And a reminder that until February 2020, there will be no dinner after the 5pm Sunday service. As always, come along and visit us at 9.30am or 5pm at 35 Fisher Street Oak Flats, or if you … Read more

Church news for the week beginning 19th January 2020

Holidays are here! We’re delighted that you could join us today during this time of holidays. If you’re taking some time off with family and friends then be sure to give thanks to God for the joy (and sometimes challenges) of relationships, as we hope for Heaven! Bush Fire Appeal If you wish to help … Read more

My Job – Doctrine, Sacraments 
and Discipline

The second promise of my ministry duties is to faithfully serve using the instruments God has given to disciple the church.  Will you always faithfully minister the doctrine and sacraments, and the discipline of Christ, as the Lord has commanded, and as this Church has received them, according to the commandments of God? Will you … Read more

Avoid Abandoning Christ

Avoid Abandoning ChristHebrews 10:26-39Sam Pursell • 19th January 2020 Do not reject the Son of God (26-31) Remember the past and persevere (32-39) Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Avoid Abandoning Christ – Hebrews 10:26-39 – Sam Pursell – 19th January 2020.