Church news for the week beginning 26th April 2020

Parish Council Update Parish Council met on Thursday night, and we want to say thank you to the church for responding so positively in giving this month.We continue to trust that God is sovereign, and praise God for the continued generosity of everyone in this church, particularly in this challenging time.Thank you to those who … Read more

Daniel 2 – Praise and honour the Lord of kings

DANIEL2. Praise and honour the Lord of kingsDaniel 2:1-49Sam Pursell • 26th April 2020 A troubling dream (1-13) What troubles the wise is no trouble for God (14-23) The revealed wisdom of God in heaven (24-45) Honour the Lord of kings (46-49) Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Daniel 2. Praise … Read more

Life through death

For many people a couple of months ago our lives were busy, busy, busy. “How are you?” we’d say. “Oh, I’m busy!” The key to communicating the good life was saying you led a busy life. Quantity was quality. Identity through activity. But now, with schedules compulsorily cleared, many of us are finding joy again … Read more

Church news for the week beginning 19th April 2020

Supporting people in difficult times Anglicare still continues to reach out and help people in need. However, we are unable to source enough stock to help those in need and they are asking our help in collecting and donating some non-perishable food and toiletries such as:Non-perishable foodpasta, pasta sauce, chunky soup, tinned meats, tuna, salmon, tinned vegetables … Read more

Daniel 1 – Living in the world, but not of the world

DANIEL1. LIVING IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLDDaniel 1:1-21Sam Pursell • 19th April 2020 Crisis for Israel and the Lord God (1-2) Crisis for the young men (3-7) The test (8-14) God blesses faithfulness (15-20) Remaining in the world (21) Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Daniel 1. Living … Read more

You are never alone

During this time of ‘lockdown’ I have felt stuck and some days I have felt as if I was in a rut, with each day’s routine looking exactly the same. Maybe you have felt this way too? Maybe you feel isolated (whether or not you have people with you in your home). Maybe you feel … Read more

Church news for the week beginning 12th April 2020

Virtual Morning Tea Join us on Zoom after the morning service on Sundays at for a virtual morning tea together. You will require a password which is 058497. Life Explored Course Life Explored is an informal and relaxed course. It’s for anyone who wants to find contentment and happiness in life. It is completely free. Oak Flats Anglican … Read more

Jesus Is 9. The Lord over Death

JESUS IS9. JESUS IS THE LORD OVER DEATHLuke 24:1-53Sam Pursell • Easter Sunday 12th April 2020 It seems like nonsense (1-12) The Scriptures and witnesses testify to him (13-35) He appeared and now empowers from heaven (36-53) Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Jesus Is 9. The Lord over Death – … Read more

Jesus Is 8. The King from God

JESUS IS8. JESUS IS THE KING FROM GODLuke 23:26-36Sam Pursell • Good Friday 10th April 2020 Don’t cast your verdict with the crowd Make your own decision Go with God’s verdict and make Jesus King Download a copy of this as a PDF from here: Jesus Is 8. The King from God – Luke 23:26-46 … Read more

Happy Easter!

We may be somewhat scattered and bewildered like the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection, but the reality of the cross and resurrection remain as powerful as ever. When Jesus died and rose again he made a way for those who believe in him to be restored to God: forgiven from sins, clothed in righteousness and empowered … Read more