Authority that really works

There’s only one thing worse that having no authority: it’s having authority that doesn’t actually work. This week we’ve seen the most powerful man on the planet fail to succeed in having authority over the people and the situations around him. President Obama hasn’t yet been able to catch the Boston bombers, he wasn’t able … Read more

News and Events for the week beginning 15th April 2013

New Sermon Series – ‘Meet The King’ Starting Sunday, we’ll be starting a 23-week series all the way through Mark’s Gospel!  If you haven’t already, then now’s a great opportunity to grab an hour and sit down and read all sixteen chapters, so together we can get our head around this action-packed historical account of Jesus’ life. Ladies’ Dinner This Tuesday … Read more

I just can’t wait…

One of my strongest childhood memories is going to bed on Christmas Eve, knowing that when I next open my eyes it will be Christmas Day! The feeling of waking up, with the stocking at the end of the day full with toys, is one that is hard to beat. And now, as my children experience … Read more

Meet The King – our Bible talk series on Mark’s Gospel


Meet The King

 Over the months of April through to October we’re looking at the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

The series is called, ‘Meet the King’, because in the sixteen, action-packed chapters of Mark’s Gospel we get to meet the true king of the universe, Jesus Christ, and see just what makes him so special.

Here is the plan for the 23 week series. We’d love you to join us to experience the real Jesus as we drill down into the great words recorded in Mark’s Gospel.

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Check out our photos of Real Hope Week

Well, it’s been a few weeks since our Real Hope Week, and our resident photographer Paul Burgess has uploaded his best photos… and there’s over 200 of them!

We give thanks to God for the great week we enjoyed together, and pray that it will continue to be a blessing to those in our church and in our wider community.

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Crisis in North Korea

Our brothers and sisters in North Korea have sent a desperate plea for prayer to Christians around the world. As borders close and the heated rhetoric increases from North Korea, Christians inside this nation are finding the already existing pressure increasing. With this in mind, North Korean church leaders can only keep watch and ask … Read more

News and Events for the week beginning 7th April 2013

New Sermon Series – ‘Meet The King’ Starting next Sunday, we’ll be starting a 23-week series all the way through Mark’s Gospel!  Now’s a great opportunity to grab an hour and sit down and read all sixteen chapters, so together we can get our head around this action-packed historical account of Jesus’ life. Computer Club … Read more

Real Hope Week a hit!

It’s been a few days since the Real Hope Week hit Oak Flats Anglican, and we’re thrilled with what happened in this action-packed week of reach out to the local community. One of the team members from Moore College put together this video to give a taste of what happened. It’s from the perspective of … Read more

The curse of Easter

Crucifixion is something that is part of a bygone era. When people are executed these days, other forms of killing are chosen… whether it’s electric chair, lethal injection, or other means. The problem with this is that we have almost romanticised the cross of Christ, and in doing so, we have dampened the true horror … Read more