When ‘paying out’ leads to pain

The controversy over the booing of AFL player Adam Goodes has reminded us of how easy it is for people to be hurt by words. Whether Goodes is being booed because he plays for the Sydney Swans, or because of his on-field antics, or because he is Aboriginal, it is clear that he is hurt by the jeers. Sadly, … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 26th July 2015

1 Peter Real Hope series continues Today we continue our series in 1 Peter as Jodie speaks on the topic, ‘Real hope in real marriage’ from 1 Peter 3:1-7 New Service time today Today our morning service begins at the new time of 10am. Happy sleep in! Men’s Dinner Our next Mens Dinner is on 4th August at 6.30pm at the … Read more

Unfaithful Marriage

‘Life is short, have an affair’ is the tagline of the adultery dating website ‘Ashley Madison’. This week Ashley Madison’s website was hacked and held ransom by a group known as ‘The Impact Team’. The hackers threated to release the information of those who had signed up, bringing to light infidelity and potentially causing many … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 26th July 2015

10am… 10am… 10am… 10am… get the picture? Yes, it’s the first Sunday at our new time of 10am for our morning service. Hope you enjoy the sleep in! This Sunday I’m speaking on the topic ‘Real hope in real marriage’ from 1 Peter 3:1-7, where I’ll be examining what the Bible tells us about this important, … Read more

Our church now gets to sleep in!

We all love a sleep in, and from this Sunday, we’re giving everyone from our morning service an extra hour’s snooze. On Sunday mornings we’re now going to meet for our all-age church service at the new time of 10am, which includes a special kids’ program, and a delicious morning tea with espresso coffee. Our Sunday … Read more

More glorious than Pluto

When the New Horizons spacecraft safely beamed back photos of Pluto this week, it was an exciting milestone in the scientific discovery of the universe. After almost a century of appearing as a fuzzy dot, images of the former-ninth planet of our Solar System were shown in glorious detail. Yet compared to the rest of the universe, this celestial body … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 19th July 2015

This Sunday we begin the second half of our ‘Real Hope’ 1 Peter series, and I will be preaching on the topic, ‘Real hope as real employees’ from 1 Peter 2:18-25. It’s a section of the Bible that addresses ‘slaves’ but we’ll see that it’s actually got loads to teach us as we try to understand what … Read more

What to think when things go wrong

  When things go wrong in a person’s life, it’s tempting to assume that it’s because they’ve thought or done something bad. Like Maria in The Sound of Music, we believe that “nothing comes from nothing”, and that good or bad happens to us because of something right or wrong we did in our past. Yet, the … Read more