Recognising the New Year

In Old Testament days the new year was recognised by a trumpet blast and a day of rest (modelled on Lev 23:23-25). Originally Ram’s horns were used, probably in time they were replaced by silver trumpets. The trumpet blast was a ‘memorial’ — a reminder of God’s goodness & faithfulness for the year past, also … Read more

Coming up this Sunday 1st January 2017

This Sunday we welcome Graham Errington who is speaking on the topic ‘Shepherds’, from John chapter 10 verses 1 to 18. It’s the first Sunday of the month, so we’re going to remember Jesus’ death as we eat the symbolic meal of the Lord’s Supper. Be sure to join us. If you’ve never come along before, then this … Read more

News and events for the week beginning 25th December 2016

Merry Christmas! We’re delighted that you could join us today for Christmas. We pray that you might be encouraged by God to see the world his way, and to understand Christmas as a time of rejoicing for the miraculous gift of God with us, Emmanuel! The Chaplins have arrived! Simon and Amy have moved into their new home … Read more

God has sent us hope – Isaiah 42:1-9 – talk outline

God has sent us hope Christmas Day 2016 Isaiah 42:1-9  ✦ Jodie McNeill We have hope Jesus is the greatest gift Jesus was an _________________ Jesus was the gift who kept on ________________ Jesus was an ______________________ gift Jesus was a _________________ gift Jesus is our hope Hope that brings ________________ Hope that is _____________ … Read more

Truth overcomes in a post-truth world

The Oxford English Dictionary has named ‘post-truth’ the international word of the year.This is not surprising given that the Brexit vote and US election were enmeshed in what is being called post-truth politics.Let’s face it – there is so much ‘post-truth’ around.The rise of social media has been fuelled by people who claim to write the truth – … Read more

Join us for Christmas Day!

This Sunday at 9am we’re joining together for Christmas Day at Oak Flats Anglican. Jodie will be speaking on the topic, ‘God has sent us hope’, from Isaiah chapter 42 verses 1 to 9. It’s pretty normal for us to have visitors join us on Christmas Day, so if you’re thinking of popping in for the first time, … Read more

Church news for the week beginning 18th December 2016

Today’s Bible Talk Today John Wilson will speak at our 10am service on the topic “The Word” from John chapter 1 verses 1 to 18. Community Carols Celebration tonight! We’d love you to join us tonight at 5pm for our Community Carols Celebration! Something for all ages, including musical items from many of our TOTS group. Plus, a FREE sausage … Read more

That’s Retailtainment

If you’ve ever chosen to ‘go to the shops’ in order to occupy your time, then you will have experienced some ‘retailtainment.’ George Ritzer defines this as the “use of ambience, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in a mood to buy.” Retail has been mashed up with entertainment, and now it’s … Read more

The Dark before the Dawn – talk outline

The Dark before the Dawn Matthew chapter 4 verses 12 to 17  ✦  Mark Howard 1. John and Jesus (a) Jesus takes over from John the Baptist (b) The ministry of John (c) Different direction for Jesus   2. So why start in Galilee? (a) Galilee and Old Testament prophecy (b) Key to Jesus is … Read more