News and Events for week beginning 5th October 2014

Holiday series – ‘What Jesus Wants’ Today we continue our three-week series from John chapter 17, where we listen in on the remarkable prayer of Jesus to our heavenly father. This week Geoff is looking at the final section of Jesus’ prayer as we find out, ‘What Jesus wants for his church.’ Men’s Dinner 7th October Our next … Read more

Join us for Easter 2014

Wouldn’t you love a fresh start in life? Find out how Jesus brings real forgiveness this Easter season. Good Friday – 18th April 2014, 9am – Jesus brings real freedom! Easter Sunday – 20th April 2014, 9am and 5pm (with free dinner) – Jesus brings real hope! 27th April 2014, 9am and 5pm (with free dinner) – Jesus brings real change! Don’t miss … Read more

Slaves and masters

One of the strangest things in the New Testament is the fact that the practice of human slavery is not frowned upon. In our modern, individualistic society, we find any challenge to our freedom to be an attack on our human rights. Yet, when the Apostle Paul spoke about slavery, he chose to help believers … Read more

Come and meet the king for sinners

One of the biggest misconceptions of the Christian church is that it’s only for ‘saints’… for people who are perfect, happy, normal… and generally nice in every way. But nothing could be further from the truth. The church is full of people who struggle with sin… whether they’ve already taken the step to follow  in … Read more

Meet The King – our Bible talk series on Mark’s Gospel


Meet The King

 Over the months of April through to October we’re looking at the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

The series is called, ‘Meet the King’, because in the sixteen, action-packed chapters of Mark’s Gospel we get to meet the true king of the universe, Jesus Christ, and see just what makes him so special.

Here is the plan for the 23 week series. We’d love you to join us to experience the real Jesus as we drill down into the great words recorded in Mark’s Gospel.

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How God is making his church bigger

This Sunday will feature the last talk on our series about the church, called ‘I will build my church’. We’re going to consider just how it is that God is making his church bigger… or ‘evangelism’, to use the technical term.

As we examine this, we’ll also get a good idea of just how we should be reaching out to our community with the news about Jesus, and what that means for our Sunday services, our midweek small groups, our youth and children’s groups, and our special events.

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